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What’s Blurple? It’s what you get when you mix blue and purple together. You can buy Play Doh in all sorts of regular colors like red and yellow or green, but when you really need your own shade of dough, you have to make it. And that’s what I did. But what to call it? […]

How a big sister takes care of a brother

I can’t do everything Mommy can do, but I can help out quite a bit. For instance, I’ll unlock the gate to let him in (but not out). If he is stuck or can’t get a toy I help him out. Yesterday the kid was hungry and needed a snack. What’s a big sis to […]


You know what tomorrow is? That’s right! Valentine’s Day! We’ve been so busy shopping and signing valentines that we completely forgot to make the heart-shaped cookies. I’m all set with my school Valentines for my school party. And Ev has cards for the boys and Kay. But we were going to make cookies and… well… […]

Snowpocalypse 2011

What a week! So many crazy events happened! It all began with my trip to the cardiologist to listen to my heart murmur. Good news: I’m almost healed. Bad news: I have a very tiny VSD between the lower ventricles that he had to see by doing an echocardiogram. More good news: I’m fine. The […]