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Second Helpings

And thirds. Plus dessert. I was the big hit at Easter dinner tonight. No one could believe that I was able to put away as much food as I did today. And I didn’t even starve myself all day to eat a big last meal! Cheese, crackers, fruit, and lots of candy all afternoon and […]


My newest word in rotation: “Heavy.” It’s what the refrigerator door feels like when I close it myself. It’s also what pretty much everything feels like around this house too, whether it is heavy or isn’t. I just like the attention saying it gets me. Mom thinks it’s funny. What’s not funny is the state […]

When it’s hot, hit the park

No lie, it was 84 degrees today. In April. In Chicago. Sunny and hot! It was pretty much a given then that we’d be outside most of the day. And those things and errands that we were supposed to do… yeah, we’ll do them this week some time. Today was meant to be playing! And […]

Cheese-toes and a bloody nose please

Daddy keeps saying it wrong. It’s CHEETOS! Because cheese-toes are just gross. And bloody noses are gross too. I was not very happy the other morning waking up and having my nose running, and not the normal kind of “running” if you know what I mean. I was scared! And I was a mess! I […]