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I hate waiting for cake

When you go to a birthday party, you know there’s going to be talking, and eating, and drinking – maybe presents too – before the party is over. But no birthday party is complete without dessert. Big chocolaty ooey gooey frosted yumminess that would be for the birthday cake. Cake is pretty much the highlight […]


That’s “Bierre,” like Pierre, for my Mr. Bear. He has a name. I don’t pronounce it like most people, but he’s my bear and “Bierre” it is. And maybe one day I’ll give him a new name like Steve or Charlie and we won’t have to talk about how I couldn’t say “bear.” And if […]

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Tonight was my last dance recital performance of 2010-2011, and I almost didn’t make it! I lost my Dad when we first got there and I just couldn’t pull myself together… and it was almost time for me to hit the stage! Thankfully, Mommy came back to find me and put me at ease, and […]

It’s tick season

We went camping this weekend at Mirror Lake State Park and I got my first tick today. First tick for Mom and Dad too. It was crawling in my hair and – thankfully – it hadn’t bit me yet. I went to the ranger station and the lady there pulled it out. Whew! It turned […]