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Wild, Wild West

Other titles for the week could have been: “Pizza-maker Day”, “Goodbye MINI”, “Summer Sprinkler Party” or “It’s all about the napkin”, but I’m going with the “Wild, Wild West” because that was the most fun, or was it? Today we took Daddy’s new car to the Wild West Town. It was kind of a long […]

Wuv voo

I may have some of my pronunciation off, but the meaning is the same. Doesn’t “Wuv Voo mean “Love You” in every language? And I’m all about the hugs and kisses… especially when I’ve been just a little bit mean. Like tonight… I was really angry I had to get out of the bathtub. There […]

Rainbow Smash and Banana Pants

Who knows where I came up with those names. I think they’re names for me and my brother, but they also are fitting for the new dishes that Aunt Chris sent! The cups are filled with water and mine has floating flowers (Ev’s has floating bananas). But really… who knows where I came up with […]

Wine for kids

Ahh… Grape juice. One of the greatest drinks ever in this world. I’ve been asking and asking for so long for it, and finally – today – we got to open it. I made sure to have a second glass because it won’t be around long once everyone starts having some. And like real wine… […]

Tomorrow comes too quick

I’ve been on vacation for 5 days and all this partying and staying up late is not going to be fun tomorrow when I have to get up early to go to daycare. Every night it’s been movies or hanging out or fireworks. It was after 10pm when I went to bed tonight. And did […]