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No Gates!

That’s right! No more baby gates here because I’m not a baby! I am definitely showing how much I’ve grown too – throwing my weight around and being bossy. My Mom and Dad are not liking my attitude so much, but at least they realized that keeping me locked up wasn’t going to keep me […]


We tried a new family activity today called geocaching. It’s when you use your GPS on your phone to go to secret hiding places where people have hidden treasures and the only way to find it is by using latitude and longitude coordinates. Today the weather was perfect for a treasure hunt – not too […]

An elephant never forgets

And I don’t either! A long time ago, my parents told me that we could go to a kid’s museum. We went there one time and I want to go there again. It doesn’t matter that it’s summer and warm and sunny and the kid’s museum is inside. I don’t care that it makes more […]