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Guys, ‘Mere

Guys! ‘Mere! I said, Guys! ‘Mere! Do they not hear me? I’m telling them over and over to come here and they just sit there and giggle. What is so funny when I say ‘mere? Or is it that it’s just so ridiculously cute that they want to hear me repeat it over and over […]

Unfair days

We have had some un-fun times lately and I’m not happy about it. Of course, if Mommy and Daddy hear me complaining about it that might make it worse. The new rules are that there will be no whining – ever – in our house anymore. It’s a whine-free zone. And no crying. And no […]


Mom: No, Nap-nap-nap. Me: Play-play-play. Mom: No, Nap-nap-nap. Me: Play-play-play! I pushed this playing thing a few more times with no luck. And Mommy didn’t think it was funny. I still had to have a nap. And nap I did! I haven’t been feeling well this week, so those couple hours were really needed to […]

Summer road trip 2011

What a week! What a couple weeks! It’s been so long since we’ve updated the blog and there’s so much to tell!! Where to begin… I guess at the beginning. Daddy’s Birthday! Presents and chocolate birthday cake that me and Evan decorated ourselves. It was really yummy and he really liked his presents. Then it […]