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Welcome Home Mommy!

For the first time ever, Mommy had to go on a work trip. That meant Daddy got to stay home with us! And did we have the most awesome time with him! Not only did we have lots of fun, but we did our chores and cleaned up our toys and went to bed on […]

Party City

What do you get when you have three birthday parties in one weekend. Party City! That’s what I call it. Two parties yesterday and one today. Whew. I was wiped out when I got home today. But what fun! Yesterday morning was a Princess dress-up tea party. I wore a beautiful blue dress and had […]

My imaginary day

It’s all about play lately. It may have come from getting grounded for coloring my furniture and I got no TV for a few days, or it may just be because it’s fun, but playing has been great lately. I’ve mostly been busy with all the craft projects I got for my birthday. Beads, stained […]

Watch me

Mom. Mom. Mom! Watch me. Watch me. Mom, watch me. Mom! I’m going to eat applesauce. Mom. Mom! Watch me! Mom! Watch me eat applesauce. See? Why doesn’t anyone think this is as big a deal as me? I am eating applesauce! Watch me! Oh well… I did get a new toy to go with […]

Halloween 2011

Just another one of those plain old AWESOME weekends! Halloween is the BEST! Especially when you can go trick-or-treating four days in a row! I’d say that the next week was going to be a letdown of activity, but if so, I’ll just have to eat some of my 15 lbs of candy to bring […]