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Santa was here!

And he is totally awesome! I got a Wuggle and the game Once Upon a Monster! I also wanted a paint-your-own doghouse, but my brother got me that instead of Santa. Little brothers are pretty awesome too. My mom and dad and babysitter and grandma and aunt and uncle got me great presents too! A […]

Peppermint Stick Strut

It’s recital time! I’ve been working really hard this entire fall to prepare for the CGPAC Winter Wonderland recital. The performance was this weekend. And not just one performance, but two! My Kiddydance class tap-danced to Peppermint Stick Strut (tap-tap-tap-tap-together-clap). We looked adorable and we danced really, really well. We stole the show! I felt […]

I do it!

Man, can I be frustrating. But there’s nothing more frustrating than when I want to learn something and no one lets me do it. Take lights for instance. I am finally tall enough to turn them on and off by myself. I should be able to turn the lights on and off at all times […]

Merry Cary!

      I was in the parade! I got to ride in the truck for ballet with my friend Sophia. And I got to hand out candy! It was cold, but not too cold. I didn’t put my gloves on once. I mean… How am I supposed to throw out candy with gloves on? […]