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Got back from a weekend trip in Michigan and it’ll be a few days before I’m back to normal. Six-ish hours in the car – with stops – is too long. Thankfully, we have DVD players in Daddy’s car and we can watch movies the whole way. But even those get boring. I fell asleep […]


I don’t know what it is about the cats lately, but they are so in love with me. They want to come up in my room and rump on my bed. They want to lay on the side of my bed and they wait for me to pet them. They want to be in and […]

Frosty the Snowpants

It snowed! It finally snowed! The weatherman said it was going to be a snowstorm and send us a bunch of snow and he did! Sort of. We got a few inches. Enough to shovel, but not enough to get us snowed in. And it wasn’t even the snowman kind of snow. It’s really fluffy. […]

I can explain…

Back to school and work week. After 10 days off, getting back into the swing of things is not so quick. No one wants to go to bed on time. Then no one wants to get up in the morning. And no one wants to get dressed right away because we’d rather play until noon. […]

Dhugga Dhugga Dhoo Dhoo!

Trains, trains, trains! This new year is all about trains!! I got lots of Thomas train track and extra trains for Christmas and I’m really, really busy setting up my track every day to make new paths for them to drive on. I drive all my new cars on there too. And I also use […]