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I’m almost in Kindergarten you know…

So there are a lot of things that I can do by myself. And there’s a lot of things I know. So you don’t need to tell me much of anything these days, because I know most of it. And like my brother who’s been very stubborn lately, there’s not a lot you can correct […]

You wouldn’t know a worm hole if you saw one

Five year olds are like sponges. We soak up everything that we see and hear. And then, when it is most strategic for us to repeat it, we will let you know what we’ve learned. Infomercials? I know all the latest toys and gimmicks that we need to have. Events coming to town? I know […]


Je m’appelle Elise. S’il vous plaît. Oui. un-deux-trois-quatre-cinq-six-sept-huit-neuf-dix. Au revoir. I’m all French now since I watched a cooking show that had a lot of French words in it. I’ve been practicing it everywhere. Daddy taught me! He’s really proud of my – how do you say it? – pronunciation. I guess I make it […]

They gave me too much pancake

I love pancakes. I especially love pancakes with chocolate in them. Or on them. So when I learned that the restaurant had cookies and cream pancakes, you know that’s what I was getting. When they finally arrived, it wasn’t a bunch of little pancakes. It was just one pancake over my WHOLE plate. Covered in […]