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Guup is “good”. Yes, that’s what it means… good. I can say “good”, but I prefer my lingo. And “guup” it is. Life is pretty guup right now. Being three is guup. And how do I like all my new toys? They’re guup. Oh wait… I mean my toys are “g’ate”. As in “great”. I’m […]

Happy 3rd Birthday Evan!

It has been unseasonably hot here this past week. The sometimes eluding 70 degree day in March has come and gone and it’s been near 80 all week. We are not used to this heat when it should be in the 40s and 50s. But we’ll take it. Even pulled out all the shorts and […]

You can’t wear the Thomas underwear yet

Not until you learn to go potty all by yourself. And you’re so close! You know how, you just have to do it EVERY TIME! I know. I’ve gone through this before. And it’s ok if you have an accident… That means you have to remember to go before an accident next time. And once […]

Come shop at my store

I have a new store in my bedroom that you have to come to see! We sell muffins and hats and books and belts. And for the right price, I’ll sell you stuffed animals and toys too. But let me tell you… my prices aren’t cheap – it cost my dad $15 to buy his […]