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6 a.m.

6am. Daddy finds me in the hallway with no pants on. I had just gone potty in the downstairs bathroom and woke him up because I needed help putting on a new diaper and shorts. Mommy woke up and got me dressed. I took her downstairs and showed her where I went potty. She was […]

…10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16…

I can count up to 15! No, 16! Even better! Right? No, almost… I seem to have a number missing. But I’m almost there, so that almost counts, right? I am very happy about this. I count everything now. Cars. Trains. Plants. Super Heroes. You name it. I like to count them out. One thing […]

Speech again

So I’m right where I’m supposed to be, but there are a couple letters that I still have a bit of trouble pronouncing. Instead of “train” I say “fain”. Instead of “frog” it sounds like “froc”. And sometimes for S’s I get my tongue in the way and it makes a spitty sound. It’s because […]

I have the cuteness.

Oh yeah. Yes I do. Just check out my outfit. Check out my hair. You don’t see no Garanimals on me. No mix-and-match outfits that always “go together”. No. I have sweet ensembles that just have “cuteness” written all over them. And my hair… Always a mess, but a beautiful mess, I say. Speaking of […]