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Disney World!!

OMG. I can’t believe that we just got home from Florida and Disney World. If you can’t tell by my typing, I’m yelling that it was AWESOME!!! It was AMAZING!! I want to go there every Thursday for 10 days straight. Really I do. Every Thursday. And I want to go to Disney World and […]

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I really can’t wait for the day that I have a big meet or game or concert that my sister has to come and watch and just sit in the audience, because two days in a row of recital watching for, like, 3 hours each, makes you very cranky. I love my sister and all, […]

We got great news!

First of all, Grandma’s surgery to remove cancer on her lung went well and she’ll be out of the hospital soon. And Papa is walking around pretty well after hip replacement surgery. I tripped and  scratched my leg so I’ll be ok too. But the great news is that we’re going on vacation! But shhh… […]