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Ninja Ballet

Of course the one week that Mom doesn’t catch me performing my ninja ballet – and then recording it – would be this week. But I’m sure there are one or two snippets out there with me shaking my ‘thang and doing my karate (that’s ka-rahh-tay) moves with a few plies and warrior poses tossed […]


The weather here has been so hot that we finally broke Mom and Dad down into letting us go to the pool. All these 100 degree days and this is the first time we’ve ever been. I know! We are surprised too. But to the park we went and swimming we did go! There are […]

Butterfly Elbows

Our first whole week back in almost a month! It feels good to be back, but it had quite a few moments where we weren’t ready to be back on track. Sleeping in, staying up late, not eating proper dinners… we aren’t ready for a schedule yet! And it’s a good thing that Mom and […]

Is vacation over?

We have been going and going and going for like four weeks… It’s hard to believe that the current party may be over (at least for a week). I mean, first we have Disney and the ocean and fancy hotels. Then we head north to Nana and Papa’s house. Then we have the 4th of […]