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OMG! Kindergarten! I started Kindergarten! I take the bus in the morning and then take another bus to the after-school program. My teacher is Ms. Worden and she’s very nice. I’m on the Blue team. My neighbors Kenna and Georgia are in my class. My other neighbors Katie and Kenzie are across the hall in […]

Only days until the BIG DAY

Kindergarten starts in 3 days! I cannot handle it… I am SO excited! I went to visit my school and I met my teacher and the principal and I found out that not only is my neighbor Kenna going to be in my class, but so is my other neighbor Georgia! Add my neighbors Katie […]

Veggie 500 Races

Foods on a stick. You don’t think that there’s that many (corn dogs and caramel apples really), but at the Wisconsin State Fair, anything and everything comes on a stick. And if it’s on a stick, it’s probably deep fried or dipped in chocolate. Everything from chocolate covered bacon to bacon wrapped tater tots to […]

Play the Oreo game?

Can I play the Oreo game? No, not a real Oreo. Not the cookie. The Oreo Car game. On the Wii. With Oreo. I wanna be Oreo. And I want the red car… or the scooter. I want the cow track. No, the pirate beach. No I wanna be Oreo and get the coins. Oh […]