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Bus 20

In the morning, I take bus 6 to school. I get on with up to 6 other kids in kindergarten with me. I always sit with Georgia. After school, I take the white bus over to the park district with 4 other kids for lunch and an afternoon of worksheets, crafts, dancing and playtime. I […]

Girl Party

I really like hanging out with my girl friends. We color and dance and sing and ride bikes and have lots and lots of fun. My new friend Alyssa at my school aftercare likes the same music as me, and on Friday it was just the two of us so we had a girl party! […]

A fall day

It’s been a summer of hot, hot days that I can’t believe it’s finally cooled down to what feels like the real beginning of fall. I mean, Dad’s been making me wear pants all these hot days at school just in case I climb the jungle gym in a skirt (but the truth is we […]

Labor Day 2012

Or should I say UN-Labor day… because we didn’t have to work at all. We didn’t have to get up at a certain time. We didn’t need to put on nice clothes. We didn’t need to eat breakfast. We didn’t have to be anywhere. It was just us and the beach. Yep. Just us on […]