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Movies, movies, movies

Talk about a good week to be at home… A new Tinker Bell movie came out, so we got it! And then we were being so good that we got the new Madagascar movie (which I already saw with Nana). And we did chores so much that we almost filled the Chore Board. When we […]

I found a piggy!

Have you ever heard of geocaching? I did it last year, but I was only two then. Now I’m three and it’s like finding treasure that we usually don’t get to keep. But this time, I did! And I picked a little toy piggy. It all started on a regular hike in the sunny autumn […]

The “I’m 6” dance

I’m 6! I’m 6! Yay yay, I’m 6! My birthday finally came! And presents! I got presents! Almost everything on my list too! But the one thing I got that I didn’t ask for? A stomach bug. A virus. The throw up kind. And not only did it wreck my birthday, but picture day at […]

First day off of School

I never knew what having a day off of school would feel like. But now that I do, I can’t wait to have another. Oh wait – I get a second day off tomorrow for Columbus Day! Woo Hoo! So while I have the day off, Mommy and Daddy don’t, so that means I get […]

Prim & Proper Day

Do you need a reason to dress up on a Thursday and have dinner in the dining room? I didn’t think so. So that’s exactly what we did! We got home from school and immediately went out to pick colorful leaves and berries for our table setting. We even brought our little pumpkins in. We […]