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Miss. Party Central

Seriously. I got another invitation to a birthday party. Miss. Party Central over here. I’m not even good friends with the birthday boy, but it’s at Pump It Up so I want to go. The other party was at Monkey Joe’s so I’m good and tired when I get home. Speaking of tired, I was […]

A quiet week

Not much has happened since I lost my tooth. I mean, I went back to school, and I went to two birthday parties, and Nana and Papa visited…that all happened. I guess that was a lot of stuff. Back in December I officially became a Daisy Girl Scout. That means I can sell cookies. So, […]

Photobomb Time!

Yep. It’s the year of the photobomb. Just about every photo Mom takes, someone photobombs it. It’s usually Dad, but sometimes is me. Mom tries to crop out the extra people, but they still get partially in. I lost my third tooth this week – my first top tooth. It actually got pulled out, as […]

Wow! What a Holiday!

Never before has Santa been so generous with toys! We have the Big Guy to thank. And a few of his helpers too. But I prefer my old toys. I bet if Mom & Dad rewrapped them, I would think they were brand new. There are toys that I haven’t opened yet. I probably don’t […]

it’s been a weird end of the year

Mom got sick, then sicker, after Halloween. She was in the hospital then, finally coming home on Christmas Eve. We haven’t been online at all until now. You didn’t hear about Pajama Day, or my Christmas recital, or my multiple Christmas parties. You haven’t heard how Dad has taken over the Mom and Dad duties, […]