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I hate naps

I have to take them every day, and I don’t like them one bit. I am a big boy so I shouldn’t have to take naps. Nevermind that I sleep for 3+ hours when I am home. It’s not surprising that I just pretend to take a nap at the sitter’s house, because I do […]


But I thought it was toothpaste! I wondered why it tasted funny. The tube looks exactly like toothpaste! Dad shouldn’t have left it in the bathroom where I could grab it. Yeah. Let’s go with that. So Valentine’s Day finally came and we got cards in the mail that had money in them. What to […]

Valentine’s DAY SWEETIES

Just today we got a package from Aunt Chris. I won’t divulge the contents of it all, but it sure was yummy. Every holiday we get a package from her. Maybe we shouldn’t be so thankful so she still sends them. Because one of these days they won’t be here. I guess we’ll have to […]

My week in Alaska

So it was Alaska week at school and we went to Alaska on a train. Not a real train, but real enough. We learned about bears too and how to be safe too. Dad wasn’t sure why a 22-gauge shotgun was listed, but it was. Not sure why firearms have to be listed when learning […]