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I’m drowning!

I know I used to like water. I don’t know why bathtime is so rough nowadays. There are pictures of me getting all wet so it’s proof of me getting my face wet. But now bathtime is me kicking and screaming when it’s time to get my hair washed. I cry and sputter and throw […]

Spring is here!

Time for outside and time to make “goy”. “goy” is crushed up chalk mixed with rainwater and we make colorful puddles. It’s great fun and very pretty. We spend hours doing it in the neighbors puddles much to Daddy’s despair. The coolest part is when we ride our bikes through it and color  up the […]

Junie B. Jones

It’s back to school time. Time to learn reading and math and all the coloring I can do. Spring Break is over. No more sleeping late and laying around. Time to work. Now’s time to hit the books. Speaking of books, have you heard of the books I like to listen to? Mom’s been reading […]

Chocolate chip cake

It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! I’m 4! Woo hoo! (sung in a sing-song.) I get to do whatever I want today! That means I get all the chocolate chip birthday cake I want. And I can skip my nap. And I can have whatever I want for dinner, as long as Mom and Dad […]

Nana and Papa camp

We just spent the week at Nana and Papa’s house, and boy are we tired! They had us going and going, but we still watched a movie each night and played on the iPad! Probably the most fun were the bounce houses! We jumped, played games, and had lunch there. But nothing beats an ice […]