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Polar Vortex = bath time

You might think that –20º is a bad time to think of bath time. ironically, it turns out to be the funnest time to take a bath. Mom made some homemade bath colored soap, we put on our bathing suits, and made a colored wonderland of the bathroom! Then, when we were bored of coloring, […]


It’s been a busy week here. Dad was off in New York and Baltimore and we really missed him. I’ve recently taken up getting a light in my room at bedtime, which is weird because I never needed a light before. Mom has to come in later and shut it off. Maybe because my room […]

Snow vacation day!

Day 2: The natives are restless. We’ve watched movies. We’ve watched TV. We’ve cleaned our rooms. We’ve even made piles of stuff to give away. Despite our mother’s warning, we went outside and felt how cold it really is (it made my face hurt). I just want to go outside like we did over the […]

2013 in review

So the news says today, 1/6/2014, is the most depressing day of the year. I don’t know who they surveyed, but it’s pretty awesome when school gets cancelled for not one, but two days. Yes, that’s right, two more days off on top of holiday break. I’m kinda liking it… So what if it’s –10 […]