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IMG_7960Summer is over! Waaa! But school is cool and everyday we wake up before we’re supposed to to get ready.

But… Oh. My. Gosh. Have we been busy. From the last ice creams and pool visits of the summer to dance recitals to the first day of school, and a trip to Michigan too, we’ve been all over.

First there was Back to School Night where I got to meet my teacher and see all my friends. It should have been a quick trip, but I made it last for hours. Lots to see I say.

I performed in my dance showcase in two dances – Someday my Prince Will Come and  Calling All the Monsters. I got a really beautiful princess dress for the show, but I’m not that into dress-up anymore. For the other dance I got something more useful – a sparkly headband that I’ve already put to use. I even donated all the extra money that we raised from our lemonade stand to the food pantry. I got a big high five from my teacher.

Then we had the first day of school! I just love my class and my teacher.


I started flag football too! And I even had a game that we won! And I made a point! It’s a lot of fun. We have practice two days a week and a game on Saturdays. I’m really good at drills, but sometimes I get distracted during the play that I don’t get the kid’s flag. I’ll get better, right?

IMG_8092It wasn’t until today that I slept to my alarm. I must have been tired because I love going to school! My favorite part is snacktime, but art is pretty cool and doing work is OK. I haven’t gotten homework yet, but I’m excited to do it.

After my football game, we went to Michigan. It was a really long drive, but I had movies to pass the time. For a break, we stopped at a bridge park for a walk. There were a bunch of real bridges that now live in this park. It was weird, but cool.

IMG_8084We saw Grandma and my aunts and uncles and I learned how to play pool (I just like putting the balls in the pockets). We saw fireworks too! Somebody was blowing them off next to Grandma’s.

Our last stop on the way home was at the beach in the Indiana Dunes area. The water was warm, but we were already in our clothes after swimming at the hotel, so we had to stay dry. But I didn’t. I kind of got sand everywhere too.

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