Mom & Dad went to AZ and we got nothing

IMG_8542OK, not really. We got suckers with scorpions in it. That was weird. And creepy. And kinda gross.

And they got us rocks.

Ok, they were REAL Arizona cool rocks – and we LOVE rocks – but they got us rocks. Off the ground. No, off the desert. And the desert is a protected place, so we kinda got special rocks that could be very expensive. So actually, they were pretty cool.

And we got American Indian maracas (but their real name is probably something else). They are to be used to ward off spirits or something. I like it.


They did all this cool stuff, like see the mountains, go hot air ballooning, and riding in the desert with an ATV. They also saw a saguaro cactus, which I did my school report on before they left. It would have been nice if I did my report AFTERWARDS so I could get better information, but they couldn’t change their trip. Darn. (I still did a good job on my report.)

IMG_8327And I’m 8 now!! Woo Hoo! My friends and I went to the pottery place and learned how to make bowls on the wheel with clay. I did pretty good. I made candlesticks. They’re awesome.

My flag football season is over and the post-season playoffs are next. We ended our season 5-2 which is third in the league. Pretty good I should say! And I keep getting better and better. Dad promised me $1 for every flag in the regular season (and I got $1!), but he is giving me $5 for every flag in the post-season (1 playoff game got me $10!). So far, so good. 1 game to go before the championship game in the big stadium! We get announcers and cheerleaders, probably. I’m so excited!

IMG_8396October is all about fire safety, so we went to the fire department for their open house. We checked out all the trucks, saw them put out a fire, played games, ate their chili, and I even got to see where they sleep. They even came to my school and I got a hat, sticker, and coloring book. I’m going to be a fireman for Halloween. It’s the same costume I wore last year and dress-up outfit I’ve had forever, but I want to wear it. I like it.

IMG_2715When Mom & Dad were on their trip, Nana & Papa were here and we got to do fun things. Like eat ice cream, go to a movie, and visit a pumpkin farm. There was a playground, a sandbox of corn, and a corn maze. We went in the maze by ourselves and found our way out, but Papa got lost. We offered to go find him, but we just let him come out by himself. At the end of the day, we got huge pumpkins. I can’t wait for Halloween!

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