Christmas came early – for Mom

Yes, it’s for the whole family, but Mom is really the one who’s going to use it most. We got a whole new kitchen! We had light colored appliances, and now we have dark (slate, to be exact). I thought it was going to look really weird, but it looks pretty nice. And everything beeps. Everything. Forget to shut the fridge? The fridge beeps. It beeps when you choose water, crushed, or cubed ice from the dispenser. Want to turn on the door alarm? It beeps. And that’s just the fridge! When you leave any door open for too long, the appliance beeps. When timers go off. Beep. When the dishwasher cycle is done. Bood-ily-beep. (Yeah, it plays a song!).


Pretty cool, huh?

We’ve done lots of fun stuff lately, even though I didn’t want to do it at first. So, I was going to stay home for Elise’s Girl Scout Christmas tree decorating party, but I changed my mind at the last minute (the promise of cookies changed my mind). But then I got there, and it was only girls – yuk! Then I saw a friend from school (Dylan, a boy), and then I didn’t want to leave.

Oh yeah, I was at Girl Scouts too. We decorated a local tree right next to my school-sponsored tree, and my principal was there. My handmade ornaments are on both trees too, but I don’t know how my GS ones are going to hold up in the weather. While school’s are laminated pictures, my GS ones are gumdrop/marshmallow stars. You think those are going to withstand the elements (and birds)?

IMG_8871Anyways…. I also didn’t want to go to the local holiday parade. As in, I-sat-in-a-chair-the-whole-time-while-my-sister-got-a-bagful-of-candy. I only got up to wave at Santa. So, I’m freezing (I left my mittens in the car and refused to go back) and hungry and mad that I didn’t get any candy, but now I want to visit Santa and then go for a ride on his sleigh. Is that Karma?

Elfie is in my sister’s room today. I was good the day he was in my room (it was after the above events). He’s gotten into our tree, cookies, fudge, and toilet-papered our bathroom. We talk to him quite a bit. I hope he’s giving good reports to the big guy.

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