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IMG_0531The year came and went, and for another year, I got sick at Christmas. I missed the last day of school. I missed my winter dance recital. I slept through the whole getting-ready-for-Christmas thing. The flu bug hit our house, but only I caught it. The good part was that I was better for the actual Christmas.

And what a better Christmas it was! I asked Santa for a parrot, and I got one (a digital, talking one)! And I asked him for an iPad Mini, and I got that too! For all of vacation, I sat by the closet – propped by my new big chair pillow – playing games on MY iPad. It’s gold. It’s really cool.

IMG_0553I got new games too. I couldn’t play them so much because Dad needed to play his new game on the TV. But that didn’t stop me from playing Minecraft on the iPad and, when Dad was taking a break, Skylanders on the XBOX. Santa came through for me too, getting me Minecraft LEGOs, Hotwheels, and the Skylanders game. I love my presents.

IMG_0556One of the coolest presents came before Christmas even happened. Aunt Chris got us the snowman tree thing that plays music, directed by a conductor. It lights up too. Very festive.

For New Years, we got the biggest pile of crab legs you’ve ever seen and we stayed up until midnight. Even had our own kid champagne.

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