This is going to be a long post.

It’s been a while. Two months. Whoa, a lot has happened.

Where do I start?

I’ll start. When we last left off, I was in the middle of my indoor flag football season. We finished the season with a record of 5 – 2, or something like that. But we did great in the playoffs and got to the Super Bowl! Second place, that was me, got a medal, a little 49ers guy (our team name), and a box of football cards.

03-14-2015And on the same day was Girl Scout International Fest. We were Mexico and made maracas. I got a lot of neat stuff from the other countries that were there. I really liked the India troop because my friends were in it and because their dresses were really neat and they did a cool dance.

Mom turned 45 (ha, ha, ha!) and got a new iPhone. That’s a pretty cool present – if we would stop playing with it! She’s always looking for it.


And there was lots of wrestling. Whether Dad liked it or not, there was wrestling.

And then it happened – our first signs of spring!


We’ve gone on a lot of walks and tossed the ball around. This is a really nice neighborhood! But with the spring thaw, we can see which dog owners are not responsible dog owners – yuck!

IMG_0596And then came my birthday! I’m 6 now! And I got Disney Infinity 2.0!! That is the coolest. And I got a gift card that I used to get – more Disney Infinity characters! But don’t worry, I still play Minecraft and Skylanders, like, all the time.

Then, the worst thing happened. I swallowed my retainer. Yes, swallowed. Well, sort of. See, I was playing with it at snack time and swallowed, and the retainer went and got stuck around my tonsil. It freaked everyone out and they called 911. On the ride to the ER, they flicked it out real easy. The hospital was just a formality at this point. But on the bright side, I got to ride in an ambulance, have the ER staff take care of me, got to eat popsicles, and miss a half day of school.

Then came spring break, and we were busy with our staycation. What we did: had a snow day with a babysitter, did paintings, made chocolates, painted pottery, went swimming, and saw the movie “Home” on opening day.


IMG_0313With spring break over, now we have to get ready for Easter. I started off the holiday by winning the coloring contest at the grocery store! I got a basket filled with candy and toys, but the best toy was a cool squirt gun!

I’d love to tell you that we colored all the eggs with no drama, but no. Someone (who’s littler) dropped a few eggs and got mad and wouldn’t even stand for a picture. There were plenty of others and they turned out really well.


Then we prepped for the Easter Bunny’s arrival, and we weren’t disappointed. Lots of candy and presents. I got cars. My sister got a magazine.


IMG_0349And the most amazing thing happened. I learned to ride a two-wheeler. All by myself. It’s really fun. (Ok. I wouldn’t have tried if Mom didn’t make me. But now, it’s easy! And I don’t need training wheels!)

IMG_0380Apparently, I’m a natural-born saleswoman. We worked at the Girl Scout Bazaar and sold necklaces that we made. I sold the most (not officially) and our troop made $300 for our summer camping trip.

Every Wednesday was sandwich night because I got off the bus at 3:50, then I had two dance classes that started at 4:15 – 6:15, and CCD began at 6:30 – 7:50. Ugh! I’d get home after 8 and still have to do homework.

IMG_0408IMG_0413But CCD is over now because I had my First Communion! New dress, new shoes, new necklace and Mom’s veil (the same one she had communion with!). It felt like my wedding, but Dad didn’t like me saying that. My cousins were there, aunts and uncles and grandparents. It was a great celebration and a great day to spend with family.

Now, it’s really happening. It’s like summer.


This past weekend was sunny and warm. Kites were flying, breeze was blowing, burgers were on the grill. It’s not July, but it feels like it. The countdown to summer is on (literally. My teacher told me.).

And we have the first sunburn of the year. Yay.

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